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Find Freedom After Being In A Relationship With A Narcissist

This program will really help you understand the narcissist.  Rather than beating your head against the brick wall, futile in your attempt to fix the relationship, you will be able to finally just let go and move on.  Additionally, the emotional release work with the Trauma Neural Remapping is really helpful and freeing!  You will be so glad that you found this group.  So much happier, thriving, living the TAAN Life!

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For those who were raised by a narcissist.  Cutting them out of your life and getting them out of your head can be almost impossible.  This program will help you gain perspective, confidence, and clear your head.  Rather than continually obsessing over the bad things that happened in the past.  This program will also help you understand how the victimhood can be toxic to your current relationship.  You'll find yourself finally able to move forward and thrive away from your narc. 

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The road to healing after living with a narcissist can be long, arduous, and overwhelming.  With many pitfalls.  Let us help you.  Without the proper help and support system, it's easy to get sucked back into the narcissists vortex and begin the cycle of abuse again.

After you've left your narcissist, the journey is just beginning.  You have to heal, rebuild, and learn to live your best life.  It takes active work to break free and live your best life and we are here to guide you through your journey to wholeness.

Live Your Best Life Now!

The narcissist has spent all of their time tearing you down and dominating you.  You need an intermediary to come in and help you rebuild what they've spent so much time tearing down.

Rebuild your confidence and self-esteem, and all the treasures of the world will follow.


Build The Confidence and Self-esteem You Need To Thrive!

Our Curriculum : 1ST YEAR


first Semester

Heal your past

This program starts with helping our students clearly understand their past.  Part of this is clearly understanding the tools and tactics of the narcissist in order to keep from falling back into their influence.  Often there is a cycle of abuse that needs to be understood in order to be overcome in the future.  Freeing yourself and your children from the toxic cycles.


  • Understanding the history of the narcissist

  • Understanding toxic personality disorders.

  • Establishing No-Contact

  • Journaling

  • Understanding the narcissists tools and tactics

  • Understanding past narratives.

  • Understanding the physical consequences of emotional abuse.

  • Healing from your past.

  • Rebuilding your confidence

  • Mirror Work

  • Why you can't change them.

  • Why you will never be enough for them

  • Planning and building to a confrontation of the narcs behavior.

  • Developing the proper support.

  • Removing toxic people the narc uses.

Second semester

heal your present

The second trimester is all about taking control of your current narrative.  Narcissists are masters of narrative.  After you clearly understand the past narrative, writing your own narrative that puts you in the drivers seat and takes back your power is absolutely vital to success.


  • Processing the stages of grief.

  • Breaking toxic cycles of abuse.

  • Overcoming the victim mentality

  • Managing and overcoming depression.

  • Rewriting current personal narratives

  • Rewriting family narratives

  • Sharing your new narrative

  • Establishing your new image

  • Maintaining No-Contact

  • Managing The Trauma Bond

  • Resisting the narcs advances.

  • Confronting the narcissist.

  • Staying away and staying safe.

  • Reconstructing family and friends.

  • Creating and enforcing healthy boundaries

  • Rebuilding your physical health

  • Preparing yourself for healthy future relationships

Third semester
heal your future

The third trimester is all about establishing healthy future relationships.  Now that you have worked to heal yourself, you are in a position to break toxic cycles in your future relationships and learn to thrive.


  • Developing a healthy future relationship narrative.

  • Avoiding toxic relationships.

  • Red flags of toxic relationships.

  • Getting over the fear of trusting and loving again.

  • Avoid displaying toxic behavior.

  • Narc fleas

  • Helping relationships succeed where each individual has been abused in past relationships.

  • Creating a new healthy narrative as a couple

  • Avoiding competition and criticism.

  • Establishing healthy boundaries.

  • Managing typical pitfalls.

  • Personal responsibility versus spousal responsibility.

  • Avoiding victimhood within future relationships

  • Thriving together

trauma Neural remapping

Throughout your experience with us, we will be doing regular Trauma Neural Remapping sessions to help you work through the trauma that you have experienced.  Those with PTSD and long lasting trauma associated with narcissism have established neural pathways that cause a trauma response.  The point of Trauma Neural Remapping is to provide you with new story lines and new neural pathways away from the trauma.

Smiling Couple

2nd Year

The second year is dedicated to couples.  Frequently after we have sustained abuse, we are attracted to others who have been abused as well and can understand our pain.  The challenge is that both partners have learned toxic behaviors from their previous relationships in order to protect themselves.  This year focusses on removing toxic behavior and building trust as a couple.

3rd Year

Year three is designed to certify you as a TAAN Trauma Coach.  We teach you the mechanics behind the process of healing that you have gone through the previous two years and train you to help others.  Specifically training you to do Trauma Neural Remapping.  We hire from this group of people specifically to help students make the same journey through healing and Thriving After A Narcissist!  While our students are not required to complete all three years, we give preference to accepting those to the program who intend to complete all three years.  Space is limited according to our capacity.

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Welcome! Our names are Riley (36) and Rebecca (41) Thornock have been married for seven years.  We are the founders of TAAN Life.  We have three beautiful children, Asher (4), Phoebe (2), and Daniel (1 Month).   


We became interested in studying toxic personalities, in particular narcissism, due to the fact that Rebecca's first marriage was to a narcissist and Riley's stepfather is a narcissist. 

We have struggled to understand our past in order to create a better and more meaningful future for ourselves and our children.  We have worked to remove our toxic patterns of behavior that have held us back as individuals and in our relationship.

Riley has a bachelors degree in marriage and family science and a masters degree in communication.  Rebecca has a bachelors degree in accounting.

We've used our experience and education to develop this course to help you thrive after your narcissist as well!


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